Digital Radio Mondiale or DRM – an outdated technology or failure ?

We used to think Digital short-wave broadcasts would be clearer and could carry bits of text too. The technology (known as DRM) has existed for years. But listeners will not buy pricey new radios without content, and broadcasters will not go digital without listeners.

NO patents on DRM. It’s Open Source! Well, that’s one good thing. Isn’t part of the problem with HD radio that the technology is controlled by one company (Ibiquity)? Yes, and ironically that’s what the DRM Consortium believed was its biggest advantage over HD radio. But bad leadership of the Consortium failed to take advantage. For years, they would only talk to other engineers. When a broadcaster went to the exhibition at IBC, one of the largest international broadcasting shows in the world. DRM had people there, all from Deutsche Welle, but the first question they asked was “are you an engineer?”. When an administrative person said no, they weren’t interested in talking to him/her. This confirmed a suspicion that there was nobody in the Consortium who understood how to sell the technology. At most international broadcasters, it’s not engineers who have the final say in how the station spends its money. Read more about DRM or Digital Radio Mondiale here…

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