Advanced Fertility Clinic in North Bengal

So many couples spend a good part of their lives trying not to get pregnant, that when it comes time to start a family, they don’t conceive of infertility as being a potential problem. For approximately 12%, Indian women, infertility is a very real problem. Infertility is typically defined as one year of trying to get pregnant without success, or the repeated loss of pregnancies. Nurture – a dedicated advanced fertility clinic for catering to the needs of the thousands of infertile couples in the North East is at your service.

If you are under 30, and you have been trying to get pregnant for less than a year unsuccessfully, there’s no harm in talking to your doctor about options. She may advise you to keep trying for a year before undertaking a comprehensive fertility assessment. If you are over 30, don’t wait for more than six months before consulting your doctor. Of course, at any time, your doctor should be willing to discuss any fears or concerns you may have about getting pregnant, and should offer advice on optimizing your chance of getting pregnant. She may give you advice on how to track your cycle, when you are most likely to conceive and how to get your body in the best shape for conception and pregnancy.

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