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If you add two additional ‘Ws’ to ‘www’ it could well stand for the Wonderful Wealthy World Wide Web. With the possibilities it offers to make money from home, you just have to think and act a little smart to laugh all the way to the proverbial bank.

You could be pursuing this pot of gold, or silver, either full time or part time to supplement your current income. You could even start moonlighting, and gradually reach a stage where it becomes lucrative enough to consume all your working time. If you fear being laid-off in these recessionary times, or are facing pay cuts, or have already been given the pink slip, the web may just offer you suitable employment. Who knows, you may just end up on a path that is your true calling. With you being your own boss, and earning enough to enjoy the new found status, your cubicle could be your study or even a coffee shop.

Of course, like everything else in life, there is no magic wand to make things happen. We all have to work for it. And pray for a bit of luck to give wind to our efforts. There will be no short-cuts to the happiness you pursue, but it would be just a matter of time before you are sailing smoothly. You will need to be determined and disciplined and not throw in the towel; these qualities can come easily if you have the swords of mortgages and bills hanging on your head.

While there are many direct ways to earn these additional remuneration cheques, there are many more indirect ones we usually end up missing. Here in this website you will find some ideas to get you going, or catalyse some additional thinking.


Do you have a product or service to sell? If your blog has the audience, why not make a sales pitch while you have their attention? Make it attractive for them to buy from your blog than other outlets by throwing in discounts and freebies.

What if you don’t have something of your own to sell? No problem. Sell stuff on others’ behalf. If you have a blog on mobile phones, contact Nokia or their distributor to offer a special deal on your blog for a given product. Once you receive an order and have processed the payment, you can pick the stock from the distributor and dispatch to the customer. You do not even have to bear the risk or investment required in carrying inventory.

Likewise, what you can sell is limited by your imagination. If you have a travel blog, sell packages at prices better than all others. An auto blogger can sell accessories for cars. A books site can offer books on discount.

You can choose to offer only a limited selection of popular products, or even set up a full fledged online store. All depends on what you can gear yourself to manage. At the same time, you need not always offer stuff to match your content. An auto enthusiast is a very likely buyer of laptops. Why not offer these to customers on an auto blog?