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Amazon India Offers Today

Just two and a half years from our launch, Amazon.in has become the most visited e-commerce site in India. This customer response continues to amaze and energize us.

To celebrate and thank customers for their confidence in us, we are happy to announce an Amazon.in gift card of Rs. 200 for all customers who shop on Amazon.in today for at least Rs. 500/- and this offer is not valid on purchase of Amazon GIFT Cards.

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Digital Radio Mondiale or DRM – an outdated technology or failure ?

We used to think Digital short-wave broadcasts would be clearer and could carry bits of text too. The technology (known as DRM) has existed for years. But listeners will not buy pricey new radios without content, and broadcasters will not go digital without listeners.

NO patents on DRM. It’s Open Source! Well, that’s one good thing. Isn’t part of the problem with HD radio that the technology is controlled by one company (Ibiquity)? Yes, and ironically that’s what the DRM Consortium believed was its biggest advantage over HD radio. But bad leadership of the Consortium failed to take advantage. For years, they would only talk to other engineers. When a broadcaster went to the exhibition at IBC, one of the largest international broadcasting shows in the world. DRM had people there, all from Deutsche Welle, but the first question they asked was “are you an engineer?”. When an administrative person said no, they weren’t interested in talking to him/her. This confirmed a suspicion that there was nobody in the Consortium who understood how to sell the technology. At most international broadcasters, it’s not engineers who have the final say in how the station spends its money. Read more about DRM or Digital Radio Mondiale here…

Advanced Fertility Clinic in North Bengal

So many couples spend a good part of their lives trying not to get pregnant, that when it comes time to start a family, they don’t conceive of infertility as being a potential problem. For approximately 12%, Indian women, infertility is a very real problem. Infertility is typically defined as one year of trying to get pregnant without success, or the repeated loss of pregnancies. Nurture – a dedicated advanced fertility clinic for catering to the needs of the thousands of infertile couples in the North East is at your service.

If you are under 30, and you have been trying to get pregnant for less than a year unsuccessfully, there’s no harm in talking to your doctor about options.

Web Design in Siliguri

If you ask me about web design in Siliguri West Bengal I will certainly recommend you about UIS. Well they are a well reputed Siliguri web design Company, excels in creativity, UIS provides clean, professional and affordable website solutions for you. They offer you all types of web solutions like custom designed websites or content management systems. One of the best developers group, we have worked with, thinks properly and delivers on time and improves your project within your budget. They continue to complete the work in a timely manner and complete their task as specified.

Exclusive Hair care Products for you

Everybody is concerned about their beauty and hair has the most important role in ones beauty. Hence we all should take care of our hair properly. Finding haircare products online were very tough until I found www.hairshop-online.de – this site is an online haircare shop where you will find all the necessary products for your hair care. This premium shop offers exclusive items on haircare which includes hair beauty and hair dressing equipments, hair cosmetics and styling products.

SEO Services, Advice and information

After having your website your site needs visitors, who can be your potential buyer or can improve your business. As we have billions of web pages on the internet, Search Engine promotions have an important role now-a-days. If you want to make your business noticeable on the net and get more business you need to get SEO services from a good professional company. SEO Services Essex can help you to get your web pages in the first page of Google with your business related keywords. They are different than many other SEO firms; they provide a transparent and economical solution tailor made to your requirement. They have extensive knowledge of SEO services and web design, years of Internet marketing experience and strategic planning. I am sure they can help you as they excels in their services.

Bay Town Apartments

In the gulf coast region of US State Texus, BayTown is a prosperous industrial city where oil and water mixes. It is the fourth largest city in the Houston–Sugar Land–Baytown metropolitan area. Bay Town’s high economic growth rate and comfortable weather is bringing people from outside to stay there. Baytown apartments are available in a wide range of rentals from BayTown apartment communities. The lowest priced apartment in Baytown rents for approximately 400$ per month and the highest priced Baytown apartment boasts rents as high as more than 1300 dollars.
Check OurBayTown.com you will get Texas Bay Town’s largest apartment finding service, we are sure you will get best suitable apartments for you matching your budget.

Rejuvenate the skin – make it smooth and beautiful

Do you have skin problems? If you are suffering from aging of your skins, wrinkles, hyper pigmentation and dark spots then glycolic peel is a great way to rejuvenate your skin and make it more smooth and beautiful. The glycolic products are top of the line and are established methods for anti-aging and dark spot removal. They also offer free UPS shipping in US and Canada if your order is more than 55 USD. Additionally there is a current offer going on that if you subscribe their skin care newsletter which is free of course, you will get a 15% discount on your first order. So hurry, offer till stocks last.

Carbon Credits and Carbon Investments

Those who are new to the term carbon credit – it’s the new buzz word which defines certificate for carbon dioxide or other green house gas emission right and the 1 unit is equivalent to one ton of carbon dioxide.  Simply carbon credit is the financial instrument equivalent to one metric ton of carbon pollution.

By the Kyoto protocol 1997, a carbon trading system initiated to keep the rise of global temperature in control. And this trading involves carbon investments where investors can invest on carbon credits or trade in the carbon market. Especially in past few years saw a rise in investor interest on carbon credits or carbon markets. Please click on the above links to know more about it.

Web Designers save your time and earn more with Web Design Proposal

Be a freelancer or a small company or group there is lots of sales documentation and proposal preparation required, which also a time consuming affair. But now you can take the help of web design proposal Template to prepare your web design proposals quickly and save your valuable time for creative works. The web design proposal not only saves your time but also helps you to create great contracts or deal proposals which ensure payment and more sales. And within a short time you will be able to get more jobs and handle them efficiently.